(Week Two) Interaction Design & Interactivity Design.

In interactive design there are 5 key design areas that contribute to design these are:

  • Interactivity
  • Information Architecture
  • Time & Motion
  • Narrative
  • Interface

These key areas are important because users will not be able to interact if there is no interface, and we cannot design an interface unless we sorted out the underlined information design first

screen 04

When designing you should have these three main questions:

  • How do you do
  • How do you feel
  • How do you know

What is cognitive? Cognition is how humans process information, how to perceive the world, what their internal mental model is of the outside world. A quote from Interaction Design (2002) states that “Designing interactive products to support people in their everyday and working lives” – Sharp, Rogers & Preece.  We use interactive design everyday but we are probably unaware. We use interactive design through mobile phones, vending machine, online shopping website. Interaction can be done through taste, smell, ears, touch or eyes.

screen 05

Interactivity can include the amount of control the users or audience have over the tools, page or content of the product. Here is a diagram that shows us the flow from data to Wisdom

screen 06

How to design a good interactive design:

  • Understand your audience
  • What their needs and expectations are
  • How to meet them


Interaction design is a broad range of concepts and design forms. I learnt that in order to build a successful interaction design you would need to think on what how the audience will feel while using it, what they will think and if it is user friendly


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